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Kiddy Redd is PRESIDENT/COO of GOLD’D Group Productions & PattyCake Productions, an Author, Playwright, Executive Producer, Celebrity Correspondent, Voice Over Talent, Songwriter, Host & Percussionist. 

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Kiddy Redd

Welcome to the official site of Kiddy Redd, where you will find out about her past work, professional background, and numerous projects.

With a passion for visual arts, a deep understanding of great storytelling, and a thorough knowledge of screenplay structure, this pampered Playwright has mastered the art of creating compelling scripts.

A Creative Career

Kiddy Redd has always been captivated by the arts. From a young age, she loved reciting Easter speeches at church and composing short stories for school assignments.


With age came the realization that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way for Kiddy Redd to express her thoughts and imagination.

Screen Writing

This beauty fell in love with screenwriting and entertainment and haven’t looked back since.

Why Consider Kiddy Redd

Having worked on a variety of projects, Kiddy Redd considers herself to be extremely lucky and fortunate.


This talented trailblazer is constantly meeting people from all walks of life, learning new skills, and always contemplating her next awesome adventure.

Kiddy Redd

Video description expressing appreciation and acknowledgement to cast members.

kiddy redd Playground

Douglass Theatre

The Douglass Theatre is a historic theater located in Macon, Georgia, United States. It was built in 1911 in the Beaux-Arts style and was one of the earliest theaters in the South designed for African American audiences. Over the years, it has hosted performances by famous African American artists such as Otis Redding, Cab Calloway, and Louis Armstrong.  Today, It continues to serve as a cultural center and performance venue, hosting a variety of shows, movies, and events throughout the year.


Kiddy Redd Highlights

Kiddy Redd’s
Who N Da Hell Let Satan
N Da Sanctuary?  II

This is the second time around for this wacky, zany stageplay which depicts the lives of a bunch of Saints & Aints with a feisty First Lady that is truly Off-da-Chain!

Performed at the historic                         

Douglass Theatre Downtown Macon, GA

Kiddy Redd’s

Da SIN-Soaked Six

A devilishly, delicious drama depicting the ludicrous lives of six mischievous misfits, their millionaire mentor and all their zany, kuntry kinfolk! 

Performed at the historic Douglass Theatre                                   

Downtown Macon, GA

Kiddy Redd’s
Sum’um N Da Milk Ain’t Clean

Depicts the luxurious lives of the three dashing Dixon Brothers with skeletons in their closets who are just itching to come outside!  Seasoned with Seduction, Sprinkled with Sexuality and Smothered in Suspense!

Performed at the historic  Douglass Theatre                                   

Downtown Macon, GA

Kiddy Redd

“Madame’ of Mayhem”