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Kiddy Redd’s DA MISSION

“NO CROSS, NO CROWN.” (Volume 1)

Kiddy Redd’s black, paper-back, bodacious blockbuster is written partly in Ebonics.

This scandalous tall tale is guaranteed to keep you eagerly engaged and entertained!

Discover why fate slapped the sweet soul of Saint Grace’s unborn great grandchild as

“THE ONE,” simultaneously slashed with the Curse of the Wicked & the Blessings of the Beloved!

A sanctified, spirited soul conceived and granted a Special Power only to complete,


Da Mission. No Cross. No Crown.


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Da Sin-Soaked Six Douglass Theatre

A devilishly, delicious drama depicting the ludicrous lives of six mischievous misfits, their millionaire mentor and all their zany, kuntry kinfolk!


Performed at the historic Douglass Theatre

Downtown Macon, GA

Sum’um N Da Milk Ain’t Clean Douglass Theatre

Depicts the luxurious lives of the three dashing Dixon Brothers with skeletons in their closets who are just itching to come outside!  Seasoned with Seduction, Sprinkled with Sexuality and Smothered in Suspense!

Performed at the historic

Douglass Theatre Downtown Macon, GA

Happy Viewers

Why Choose Us

This production is visually stunning, with incredible camera work. Every moment of the play is worth it.

The cast is amazing and every moment in the screenplay is breath taking.

I didn’t think I would enjoy stageplays until I experience one of Kiddy Redd’s production.

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